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Epilepsy treatment and services in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut by the Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group are broad in range. Our team of epilepsy specialists offers many clinical, diagnostic and research options to provide fully comprehensive care for each and every patient with a known or suspected seizure disorder.

Our epilepsy treatment programs include the epilepsy diets program, epilepsy surgery, pediatric, geriatric and women’s epilepsy, specialized care for epilepsy in patients with brain tumors and intensive care unit monitoring for uncontrolled seizures.

Our neuropsychologists and clinical psychologists coordinate multi-site memory remediation for epilepsy patients, depression in epilepsy and psychological non epileptic seizures programs.

The Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group receives second opinion, out of state and international epilepsy consults year-round.

Our International Epilepsy Training program was launched last year to establish a working relationship with Latin American professionals (neurologists and neuropsychologists) in order to share currents in treatment and diagnosis of epilepsy with treating teams in the Southern continent and open communication channels in both directions .